22EC_ EP

by Consoless



Reaktivate is proud to have swedish techno mastermind Mattias Fridell as one of it's most valued collaborators. Not only is Mattias the man behind one of it's most successful tracks, his trippy remix for D-Side's "Escape" (on RKT #007), he has also been decisive in shaping the label's sonic identity by being responsible for the mastering of almost the full Reaktivate catalogue, to great effect. A prolific and uncommonly creative producer and DJ, Mattias has also left his fingerprint in some of the most active labels of the techno underground, like Affin, Gynoid, M-Grey, Naked Lunch and Labrynth, amongst many others, all while being the boss at Translucent.

After being so many times behind the studio console for RKT, Mattias comes back as Consoless, his alter-ego used in expressing his darker, deeper and more cerebral inclinations, perfectly fitting into the Reaktivate ethos with 3 effective originals and a remix by a specialist of rhythmic darkness, Voidloss. "22EC_55" retains the trippy qualities Mattias has become known for and plunges them in a suspenseful atmosphere that creeps up on the listener resulting in an excellent tension builder, while "23EC_56" combines a booming warehouse-ready beat with ominous synths and a simple but effective rhytmic foundation for maximum hypnotic effect. The last original, "24EC_57" is a prime candidate for a set starter, as an industrial drone builds up to a heart-racing tribal figure expertly combined with with finely tuned mechanical patterns that seems to indicate your brain is next in the production line, for neuronal rearrangement. Rounding out a very coherent yet varied release, Voidloss seems to take his trademark expertise in ritualistic beats and story-telling through stealthy and sinister sounds, to as yet uncharted territories, in his "Krokodil Is Love" revision of "22EC_55". The chosen name for his remix could not be create a more apt image for what he has done here, as the whole track takes the trippiness of the original and makes it sound as sick, decaying and relentless as the drug that inspired the name. A fitting finishing touch in an altogether mind-altering release!


released June 28, 2013



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